PlayStation 1 Luma BNC and audio cable Pro Coaxial Multicore for PVM monitor

Retro Access

Estimated dispatch from January 25th to February 25th


Uses Luma as sync. Works on most PVM monitors, and (some) Extron switch boxes outputting to many devices. If outputting to a BVM monitor or other device requiring csync, you need a version with a sync stripper.

Most extron switchboxes used by the community *require* csync, some monitors also require it (most PVMs work fine with other sync methods.) As a rule of thumb Crosspoints all require it, so this cable will not work on any of those. Read your manual if unsure, it will be available online. This cable uses Luma as sync and only (as far as we know, there may be others) works on the following Extron switchboxes and we have confirmed this in testing.



Uses 220uf capacitors for use with Playstation 1. For a Playstation 2 cable or dual purpose cable please see our other BNC listings.

If any item is sold out it will be available next morning Monday to Friday. Demand is very high and items selling out later in the day is common.

Up for sale is a BNC and RCA cable for PlayStation 1. Red, green, blue and csync lines are BNC, and each BNC plug contains the necessary capacitor. Audio lines are RCA.

Tested via direct hookups to a PVM monitor as well as via an Extron switch box (4 switch version, with audio) via Auto and manual switching.

Capacitors are in the BNC hoods and multiout. The much higher cost of 4 BNC plugs vs one SCART and the time taken to fit capacitors in small hoods is reflected in the price.

(The color of this cable is black.)