How this store works - why stock keeps going down

When you purchase from this store you are effectively buying our time. If an item is listed as "in stock" this means the components for it are, in fact in stock but it is not put together yet. We don't prebuild items because what is popular at any given moment can vary wildly based on popularity of Internet videos, blogs etc and this will not change the fact that we can still only produce a certain amount per day. This may increase when we expand but we cannot expand until we are permanently settled - one of us being in the final year of college precludes this for the time being. We do not intend to be in this location next year.

Now the second problem is, online stores are not generally set up for this method of selling. You have to have actual items in stock. Because it's possible for us to build any item we offer, we therefore put them ALL in stock (components being temporarily unavailable may mean something stays sold out) and simply reduce all stock to zero when we have sold enough to cover a day's work.

This tends to work better than prebuilding items because it means that if you are around to buy, anything you want is available to you including very obscure items. Low sellers with longer production time like BNC cables might go out of stock for days or even weeks if we prebuilt them, because they don't take as high of a priority to restock.

Lots of people on etsy tend to sell their time and open themselves up to custom orders via buyer communication. We could do this but if we did it for every single cable, that would result in far more time in email communication which we'd have to tack on to the cost of cables to cover and more importantly: we would not be able to produce as many cables. Already we are working 10-12 hours daily.

Yes, we're aware that our selling method gives people a very small margin to buy in. The store is very popular and this means that people are usually around to buy at dead on 10am. If it's out of stock, then this means people were around to buy early, and they bought my daily limit so I destocked the store. It does not mean I never stock, or I'm away - whenever I'm away the banner at the top of the store will change.

10am EST is most convenient for me to stock the store at. I start building cables very early in the day, but for the first couple of hours I am checking the store. Later in the day things get more labour intensive as we might have to deal with several things going on at once, having to accept deliveries, having to receive calls from suppliers etc. There's also the fear that if I open up stock at a less unearthly hour, that sales will explode and I'll get overwhelmed.

If you have any thoughts on this please contact me via the webform link in the side menu.