PlayStation PS2 only RGB SCART lead Sync on Luma cable cord lead

Retro Console Accessories

Estimated dispatch from November-January

Color of regular shielded cable is black.

Color of coax shielded cable is black.

Up for sale is a stereo RGB SCART cable for any region of the Playstation 2/3. Uses luma to sync the image. 

This cable is meant for use only on PS2/PS3. Not recommended for PS1 - it lacks coupling capacitors (the ps2 and ps3 have these inside the console, so they are not needed in the cable.)


This cable is compatible with the following Sony systems:


PS3 (for games using 240p/480i only. Recommended for PS1 hardware emulation (in compatible systems) or downloads of older PlayStation games that aren’t upscaled to 720/1080p.)

May also eliminate visual artifacts caused by using composite as sync, please ask us for advice if you are experiencing this issue.

You don’t need csync for PlayStation cables - luma is just as good. Only use csync if you need it in your setup.