Order Status

Because we are taking orders with a longer handling time we decided to make a page where people can get a good estimate of when their order will ship.

 Please note that we buy shipping labels before we test and pack. This is because testing and packing at the same time is the easiest way to do things. If a label is bought for your order and it does not go out same day, quite often this means we dropped it in the mailbox and there was no pickup - this can happen randomly, but it could also mean an issue with a cable in your order and might need to redo it. This takes a maximum of an extra day.


01/11/23-01/15/23 13112-13161

01/16/23-01/22/23 13161-13222

01/23/23-01/30/23 13223-13285

01/31/23-02/06/23 13286-13333

02/06/23-02/13/23 13334~

We are currently taking orders for the week starting 02/20/23