Customer Service/open a ticket

Please note that this option ostensibly opens a return request/ticket, but we want to keep better track of things than we can with email and this option ties it more into site management as well as keeping progress bars open so we can better organize things. Please use this option therefore if you have any issue with an item. Please don’t send an email via “contact us” as we do not always have time to answer such emails in a timely fashion.


If you need to return a cable:

You can now use our site to return your item. Go here to return your product within 2 years of purchase. Again, if the item has a fault, we will refund your label cost.

Click here to open a return

If you use the system on this page to return a cable you have already received we will send you a return label. If there is nothing wrong with the returned cable (ie you changed your mind), we will refund the cost of the cable sans shipping.

If you are simply using this form to open a ticket and it’s possible for us to solve your issue without a return, then the return isn’t mandatory so it’s still ok to use this form. Handling these queries on the site is much simpler than email. We are bogged down constantly with email and I want to keep these queries separate.