Retro Access funding

Retro Access


This section is for donations to the following cause:

1. Keeping this store open for the next few months by paying off the store debts until new stock can be added. Basically I shouldn't add more stock until pending ones are sent out, and that will take too long - Shopify will close the account.

2. Getting one of my cats a heart scan. She has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and needs to be on meds. - Update: This will now by dealt with in the coming week.

3. Potentially flying back to the UK sometime in 2024 with either one or two of my cats dependent on outcome of the heart scan. If she is too sick to fly it will be likely easy to rehome a Sphynx. If I meet friends and contacts, I will be staying in the USA and continuing this business. If you are in Covington, Cincinnati or general surrounding area and you are interested in meeting up, please let me know.

This donation drive will be closed when enough donations are received that I can stay solvent and keep running a business in whatever form.

I will keep this page updated with information on what I am doing.