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Cabling - Cable Length 5 Ft (14)
Source Connector - Video Connector 15 Pin Dsub (15)
Source Connector - 15 Pin Dsub Pinout RGBS
Source Connector - Pinout Notes MiSTer RGBS CSync BNC cable. For use with an Extron Crosspoint 1616 HVA and Sony BVM-D24E1WU. Not sure if I need the 470Ohm or 2vpp. RGB are standard vga pinout and CS uses the H.Sync pin. In addition to the MiSTer's standard IO Analog VGA ouput, I'd like to use this for MiSTer's Direct Mode as well (using my own HDMI -> VGA transcoder). Direct Mode has 24-bit color depth compared to the MiSTer's standard IO Analog VGA output, which only outputs 18-bit color depth. There's no option to pick Phoenix connectors or select length in the MiSTer BNC Cablesdrop down menu, so I made this special request.
Source Connector - Audio Connector 3.5mm Straight Plug (4)
Source Connector - Source Audio Length Audio line in cable. Which ever gives me audio output via Phoenix. Do I need the 3.5mm Straight Plug that's standard on the MiSTer BNC Cables? I'm assuming it's just for Headphone usage.
Destination Audio - Destination Audio Connector Phoenix (4)
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