Covid has been affecting our business since early 2020 and we adopted a longer preorder strategy at the time to cover the fact that component and business running supplies were considerably delayed. This is still ongoing, however we have managed to bring the preorder window down from 2-3 months to 1-2 months and we are adopting strategies to bring it down to 2 weeks-1 month starting hopefully this February.

Also, for customers who want something ASAP we have placed most Fortraflex cables on a 3 business day handling time. 

Because of the global capacitor shortage you may notice a mix of different capacitors in your cables (different sizes or brands.) These are still all the same high grade and manufactured by either Nichicon, Panasonic or Rubycon. 

There is an option to switch capacitors in cables to tantalum, which are currently not affected by the capacitor shortage. Tantalum capacitors last longer than electrolytic, but are more expensive. For those worrying about the lifespan of electrolytic, they should still last at least a decade. We are using high rated Kemet capacitors - Kemet are known as the first brand to sell conflict free tantalum capacitors and we wanted to support this.

Due to constraints on visiting the post office, most orders are in fact dropped in a usps mailbox at this time, this means possible longer dispatch times on any that don’t fit (large orders) which have to be dropped at the post office counter at a non busy time. As self employed people we cannot afford to catch covid.

We are now employing remote workers in order to reduce delays and increase output. All work is still done in the Greater Cincinnati area and contact with contractors is kept to a minimum with handoffs of work and supplies.