Sega Genesis/Megadrive 1 Stereo JP-21 pin XRGB lead with Csync

Retro Console Accessories

Estimated dispatch from mid May-July

Contains a 470ohm resistor on csync in the console end plug and 220uf capacitor in the JP-21 plug. Tested and working on an XRGB Mini, a SCART to YUV transcoder on a CRT TV, a Coosis SCART to HDMI scaler and a GBS 8200 arcade board. Also tested on a PVM monitor using the SCART to BNC adaptors sold by wookieewin.

Up for sale is the 1.5 metre version of our stereo RGB JP-21 RGB cable For direct use with XRGB scalers. As you might be aware, the Genesis 1 does not output stereo sound to plug into this socket and stream stereo to your TV.

Csync and coax cables for Genesis eliminate jailbars for the most part but do not eliminate them fully - only a mod will fix this as the issue occurs within the hardware.

Compatible with the following:

Sega Megadrive 1 (UK or Japanese)
Sega Genesis 1