Super Nintendo SNES/RGB N64 sync-on-luma RGB SCART lead SHIELDED GROUNDED cable

Retro Console Accessories

Estimated dispatch from November-January

This cable is fully compatible with the following Nintendo systems:

Super Nintendo US version (fat, not SNES mini)
Super Famicom (fat, not SFC Jr.)
N64 upgraded to RGB. You must have the rgb upgrade for this to work.

Please note - this cable is wired for the SCART standard used in Europe. If you need Japanese 21 pin wiring for use on XRGB scalers, leave a "message to seller" when checking out.

Uses Luma for sync to eliminate potential issues with picture artifacts. If you have an original SNES either this or a csync based cable will work fine. If you have an N64 with an RGB upgrade, these usually do not have sync connected so Luma is a good alternative. Please note that if you have an RGB SNES Mini or SFC Jr. it ALSO needs an s-video upgrade to work with this cable.