Fortraflex - Super Nintendo NTSC stereo RGB SCART csync SNES cable

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Estimated dispatch from November-January

This cable is attenuated with a 330 ohm resistor on the csync line. This is to lower the csync voltage of a standard snes. The resistor may make it incompatible with mod boards with a Nintendo type multiout. If your modder is using 75 ohm sync output, simply leave a message when checking out that you don't need the resistor. If you don't know whether your mod outputs 75 ohm or TTL sync, please consider using a luma synced cable (for any N64 mods, plus SNES Mini and NES RGB mods with s-video compatibility) or a composite video synced cable (for optimal video quality with composite video sync, please order a coax version of the composite video synced cable.) Coax NEGATES the need for choosing different sync methods unless your RGB solution requires csync. 

Also, if you are installing a mod by Voultar with Nintendo AV outs, the board allows you to select TTL or 75 ohm output. Therefore I can’t give a straight answer to requests for a “correct” cable to use with these, as the output is selectable. Personally I would suggest using TTL and a cable with resistor, if only because it allows use with basic SNES consoles. You can use the cable on more than one console. The cable we sell is attenuated by default.

Also contains 220uf capacitors on the RGB lines.

Please note that there is a very rare model of the fat SNES, the 1CHIP-03, which does not output Csync natively from the AV port. 1-chips have the best video output possible, but csync must be added inside 03s to work with this cable. Because this model is so rare and very few customers (easily only one in a thousand) have reported issues as a result, we recommend you purchase the Csync cable for any older SNES and if it does not work, we'll accept the return. A good solution if you do not have csync in your snes is to use a Multicore coax version of either the luma or composite video synced version as neither of those suffer from artifacts in the picture when using coax cabling.

This cable is compatible with the following *unmodded* Nintendo systems:

Super Nintendo US version (fat, not SNES Mini)
Super Famicom (fat, not SFC Jr.)

This is the csync version of the cable. Outputs pure sync to your SCART to component or VGA/HDMI upscaler. May also eliminate visual artifacts caused by using composite as sync in RGB enabled N64s, please ask us for advice if you are experiencing this issue.

Please note that if you have a SNES mini or N64 which is upgraded to RGB, the csync must have been connected to be compatible with the cable, otherwise it will not work. It is possible for me to wire this cable for luma as sync instead, which works fine on the n-64 and is better than composite video as sync if you are using a non coax version, but a snes mini would still require an s-video upgrade for this option to work. Please check with the seller of your console. Anyone with an issue with either cable is welcome to exchange the cable for a different version.