Retro Access Fortraflex - NTSC Sega Saturn stereo csync RGB SCART cable lead cord

Retro Access

Dispatches in August

Uses composite sync not composite video to sync the image. Works perfectly on model 1 Saturns. Also works on model 2 Saturns - contains a 470 ohm resistor in the din plug and a 220uf capacitor in the SCART on the csync line for correct 75 ohm sync attenuation.

Tested and working on an XRGB Mini (requires SCART to XRGB Mini adaptor) (no sync calibration required), a SCART to YUV transcoder on a CRT TV, a Coosis SCART to HDMI scaler and a GBS 8200 arcade board. 

Up for sale is our quality stereo RGB SCART RGB cable for Sega Saturn. It will switch your TV into the highest possible quality signal from your system - RGB with full stereo sound.