Retro Access XRGB Mini Framemeister Passive adapter for Euro SCART to XRGB Mini 8 pin

retro Access

Dispatches in August

This is a passive adaptor which allows you to use European wired SCART cables on the XRGB Mini.

This is the passive version of the adaptor. It is just a straight converter, hence it does not contain a circuit to stabilise your video or sync signal in the SCART cable. This means that you should be using the latest firmware for Xrgb mini, and you may need to adjust your sync levels in the XRGB Mini's options to use some consoles which suffer sync dropouts. Some of them will still not work with the passive adaptor, but most common consoles definitely do.

Please note this adaptor is for SCART cables. You must purchase SCART, not Japanese 21 pin cables for use with this, or you may damage your equipment. For a 21 pin RGB (japanese) version of this adaptor and cable solutions, please check our other listings in our store.