JP-21 cable for RGB enabled SuperGrafx

Retro Access

Estimated dispatch from mid July-September

This cable is for RGB enabled PC Engine SuperGrafx systems. The recess for the din in the SuperGrafx is deeper than other PC Engine consoles so this cable features a longer hood. Your system must have the RGB upgrade to work with this cable, and an 8 pin output port installed. It uses the most common pinout used for RGB systems. Please make sure you have this pinout as some people are using a backwards version. In the regular cable, the pinout goes (looking at console): red, green blue on the top three pins (green being the centre pin.) In the standard din 8 pinout, 7=red, 8=green, 6=blue. Red is right above the csync/composite video pin. If your pinout for your console does not match this configuration, please leave a "message to seller" when checking out! All cables can be customized. No problem at all to reverse red and blue as is required by some din 8 RGB outputs.