Saturn BNC and audio cable - Pro Coaxial Multicore for PVM monitor and Extron

Retro Access

Dispatches in August

Up for sale is a BNC and RCA cable for Sega Saturn. Red, green, blue and csync lines are BNC, csync contains a capacitor in the bnc end and a 470 ohm resistor in the din plug. Audio lines are RCA. Necessary resistors are in the DIN plug.

Tested via direct hookups to a PVM monitor as well as via an Extron switch box (4 switch version, with audio) via Auto and manual switching. Output device was an XRGB mini via BNC/phoenix connector to 8 pin mini din custom cable.

Capacitors are in the BNC hoods, resistors are in the DIN plug. The much higher cost of 4 BNC plugs vs one SCART and the time taken to fit capacitors in small hoods is reflected in the price.

(The color of this cable is black.)