Testing equipment and consoles

I pulled all these consoles out from our shelves plus the oscilloscope, the little portable PVM we use and every scaler we own and put them on my tatami platform bed, because I do sleep on a tatami bed, in order to demonstrate all the stuff we use to test on here and just to confirm that yes, we own all these consoles and test cables on them directly. This is not everything, because I have multiple SNES consoles and multiple Genesis consoles plus various Japanese versions. The Duo RX and Neo Geo are Japanese and we don't have a North American version of those, other than that everything here is a North American version.

Yes, the store is active!

I know it looks INCREDIBLY bare bones at the moment, but it has taken me weeks of my spare time to remove all the broken HTML imported from eBay, add options and individually edit the hundreds of cable length options now available. People have been begging for these options for years, and on eBay we have never been able to offer them properly as eBay don't think gamers of any persuasion need options like colours selectable from a console listing or, well, differing lengths of cable. So we are lauching now, before we even have a logo, before we've even added the new photos that we HAVE taken, and without any fanfare.