Custom RGBS Cable Builder - 15 pin Dsub - Customer's Product with price 51.50 ID VnKXNj0mSYW9p_gvFe1lV0KR



Cabling - Cable Length 5 Ft (7.5)
Source Connector - Video Connector Playstation Plug with sync stripper (22)
Source Connector - Playstation Plug Pinout PS2/PS3(No Capacitors)
Source Connector - Lightgun Breakout Lightgun Breakout (4)
Source Connector - Audio Connector No Audio Line
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Pinout RGBS
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Audio Connector 2x RCA Plug (4)
configId VnKXNj0mSYW9p_gvFe1lV0KR