Custom BNC Cable Builder - Customer's Product with price 61.50 ID 2J51Sv-lAW9pa1eoCY-JGYSl



Cabling - Cable Length 6 Ft (16)
Source Connector - Video Connector 8 Pin Din Standard Style(Neo Geo, etc) (15)
Source Connector - 8 Pin Din Standard Pinout Other(specify in Pinout Notes)
Source Connector - Pinout Notes For neo geo cd with pin 10 from the CXA 1645P chip to pin 7 on the multi-out for csync
Source Connector - Audio Connector Audio Line in Plug
Destination Audio - Destination Audio Connector Phoenix (4)
configId 2J51Sv-lAW9pa1eoCY-JGYSl
weight 1.125