SCART cable for RGB enabled Super Grafx

Retro Access


This cable is for RGB enabled PC Engine SuperGrafx systems. The recess for the din in the SuperGrafx is deeper than other PC Engines so this cable features a longer hood. The cable will work on other PC Engine/Duo systems however, but the hood will simply stick out more. Your system must have the RGB upgrade to work with this cable, and an 8 pin output port installed. It uses the most common pinout used for RGB systems. Please make sure you have this pinout as some people are using a backwards version. In the regular cable, the pinout goes (looking at console): red, green blue on the top three pins (green being the centre pin.) In the standard din 8 pinout, 7=red, 8=green, 6=blue. Red is right above the csync/composite video pin

If your pinout for your console does not match this configuration, please leave a "message to seller" when checking out! All cables can be customized. No problem at all to reverse red and blue as is required by some din 8 RGB outputs.

Please note that in doujindance’s recent ebay listings that he’s got the pinout listed backwards with an incorrect numbering system, this has caused people to order the wrong pinout so please note that the “7=red, 8=green, 6=blue” setup we are using *is* compatible with his mods and there is no need to ask for a change to pinout if you are using consoles from this particular seller.

Voultar mod boards also use/recommend this same pinout.