Retro Access Fortraflex - Sega Genesis 2/Genesis 3/CDX/Multimega right angled stereo CVBS RGB SCART cable lead cord

Retro Access


Up for sale is a brand new, professionally assembled SCART RGB cable. It will automatically switch your TV into the highest possible quality signal from your system - RGB with sound sent to both speaker channels. It also includes 220uf capacitors and resistors to prevent your image from displaying too brightly.

Please read because people keep buying the wrong cable!

These cables were originally designed for CDX and then a second one was designed going the other direction for the Genesis 3 so “looking at the console” means that while you are plugging this in you are looking at the av socket on the side of the console - therefore:

A cable going right travels in a direction going right of the AV socket.

A cable going left travels in a direction going left of the AV socket.

A cable going left when plugged into a Genesis 3 will travel to the back of the console, ergo is most suitable for that console.

A cable going right when plugged into a CDX will travel to the back of the console, ergo is most suitable for that console.

A cable going left is most suitable for Genesis 2. One that goes right will collide with the power in cable.

Please see the pictures if unsure, as the pictures show the cable looking from the TOP side, as in the orientation they will be plugged in.


This cable is fully compatible with the following Sega systems.

  • Sega Megadrive 2 (UK or Japanese)
  • Sega Megadrive 2 European (PAL or SECAM)
  • Sega Genesis 2
  • 32X
  • Multimega
  • CDX
This cable is NOT compatible with the Genesis/Megadrive 1 or Master System 1 OR 2, so be careful! For a Genesis 1 cable please visit our other listings.