Retro Access Sony Playstation RGB SCART PS1 only lightgun compatible lead Luma cable

Retro Access


Color of cable is black.

Up for sale is a stereo RGB SCART cable for any region of the Playstation 1. Uses sync on luma for a superior picture to standard PSX SCARTS with the same compatibility with TVs, scalers etc.

220uf capacitors are on the RGB lines for compliance with the fact these components are missing in the PS1 console. Not recommended for use on other PlayStation consoles as this will compromise capacitance on those lines and may result in image distortion.

Also features an rca socket to plug compatible lightguns into. Please note that lightguns will not work on HD displays. Use a standard definition CRT monitor or TV, such a PVM, BVM etc with this cable.

This cable is compatible with the following Sony systems:


This is the luma as sync version of the cable.