Retro Access Sega Saturn stereo Luma sync RGB SCART cable for NTSC model Saturn lead cord

Retro Access


Up for sale is our quality stereo SCART cable for Sega Saturn. Requires a converter to work on all models of the XRGB upscaler. Also works on PAL and NTSC models of Saturn.


75 ohm multicore coax cable is a professional grade cable that maintains an impedance of 75 ohms to completely prevent signal reflection. This is the highest possible grade of cable possible for video signals, and we’re the only company in the world offering this as an option for SCART. Each line is individually shielded with copper wrap as well as having the grounds isolated from other signals via color coded PVC coating. This cable is also made to order for us by Tasker of Italy. Coaxial cable is thick, but it's the best option if you need a longer cable. 
This cable uses Luma to sync the image, a superior method to composite video. 

This cable is fully compatible with the following Sega systems.

Sega Saturn PAL models
Sega Saturn US models
Sega Saturn Japanese models