Retro Access Fortraflex - NTSC stereo RGB SCART CVBS SNES cable

Retro Console Accessories


This cable is fully compatible with the following Nintendo systems:

Super Nintendo US version (fat, not SNES mini)
Super Famicom (fat, not SFC Jr.)
N64 upgraded to RGB. You must have the rgb upgrade for this to work.

Please note - this cable is wired for the SCART standard used in Europe.

Uses Luma for sync to eliminate potential issues with picture artifacts. If you have an original SNES either this or a csync based cable will work fine. If you have an N64 with an RGB upgrade, these usually do not have sync connected so Luma is a good alternative. Please note that if you have an RGB SNES Mini or SFC Jr. it ALSO needs an s-video upgrade to work with this cable.