Custom SCART Cable Builder - Customer's Product with price 45.00 ID ELC0YJDOSq4g2VEq0PF_ZkmX



Cabling - Cable Length 4 Ft (12)
Source Connector - Video Connector 15 Pin Dsub Male (15)
Source Connector - 15 Pin Dsub Pinout RGBS
Source Connector - Pinout Notes Use with Nt Mini Noir RGB going into gscartsw
Source Connector - Audio Connector 2x RCA Plugs (4)
Source Connector - Source Audio Length Whatever appropriate for Nt Mini Noir
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Pinout SCART
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Audio Connector Audio Line in SCART
configId ELC0YJDOSq4g2VEq0PF_ZkmX
weight 0.425