Custom RGBS Cable Builder - 15 pin Dsub - Customer's Product with price 41.00 ID OhU51Wec8rYxV4urmgLz97I5



Cabling - Cable Length 2 Ft (8)
Source Connector - Video Connector Male SCART Plug - no sync stripper (15)
Source Connector - SCART Pinout SCART
Source Connector - Pinout Notes Cable is to go FROM current model gscartsw switchbox TO Commodore 1084S/Philips CM8833-II monitor, with 18-24" 3.5mm audio cable at destination end for external speakers.
Source Connector - Audio Connector Audio Line in Source Connector
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Pinout Other(specify in Pinout Notes)
Destination Pinout and Audio - Pinout Notes Philips CM8833-II analog RGB on 9-pin D sub male connector, with 18-24" audio cable length. Best if audio cable comes out the left side of the D sub connector when looking at the back of the monitor. Video pinout:
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Audio Connector 3.5mm Straight Plug (4)
configId OhU51Wec8rYxV4urmgLz97I5
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