Custom RGBS Cable Builder - 15 pin Dsub - Customer's Product with price 41.00 ID gfM0bJnZnPKAAV4hx6B4vegN



Cabling - Cable Length 2 Ft (8)
Source Connector - Video Connector 8 Pin Din U Style(Genesis 1, etc) (15)
Source Connector - 8 Pin U Pinout Genesis 1/Master System
Source Connector - Pinout Notes For use with Mark III and triple bypassed Genesis, so needs csync
Source Connector - Audio Connector No Audio Line
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Pinout Other(specify in Pinout Notes)
Destination Pinout and Audio - Pinout Notes RGBS + mono audio is fine (stereo is fine if mono is too much trouble)
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Audio Connector 2x RCA Socket (4)
configId gfM0bJnZnPKAAV4hx6B4vegN
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