Custom RGBS Cable Builder - 15 pin Dsub - Customer's Product with price 35.00 ID 0649iu6ioBD92RBdLOABMzWq



Cabling - Cable Length 6 In (6)
Source Connector - Video Connector 15 Pin Dsub (15)
Source Connector - 15 Pin Dsub Pinout Other(specify in Pinout Notes)
Source Connector - Pinout Notes RGBHV Cable, this is just going from a VGA switch to my Extron device, finding a good quality VGA cable this short is surprisingly hard.
Source Connector - Audio Connector No Audio Line
Destination Pinout and Audio - Destination Audio Connector No Audio Line
configId 0649iu6ioBD92RBdLOABMzWq
weight 0.25