Custom BNC Cable Builder - Customer's Product with price 72.00 ID 3mSjZVkmGF_MRi2XdpS5ZoJe



Cabling - Cable Length 4 Ft (12)
Source Connector - Video Connector 4x BNC Male (25.5)
Source Connector - Pinout Notes I actually just want RGB, not sync. If possible, just RCA connectors on the video connector end. I'm using these to go from an Xbox to an Extron. RCA to BNC adapter tend to be a bit loose on a lot of component cables.
Source Connector - Audio Connector 2x RCA Plugs (4)
Destination Audio - Destination Audio Connector Phoenix (4)
configId 3mSjZVkmGF_MRi2XdpS5ZoJe
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