Custom BNC Cable Builder - Customer's Product with price 49.50 ID 6Db2A_lvEbTtfMHSHLJBtJYH



Cabling - Cable Length 1.5ft (8)
Source Connector - Video Connector 15 Pin Dsub (15)
Source Connector - 15 Pin Dsub Pinout RGBS
Source Connector - Pinout Notes General 15khz - 45khz RGBS output cable to BVM D24 for MiSTer, N64, GameCube, Wii, PS2, Dreamcast, Wii U, Switch. All of those consoles will output HDMI to HDMI Extron Switcher, then to Tentatek HDMI -> VGA Converter + Mystic Prism Sync Combiner, then to this cable that carries RGBS, and finally to the BVM
Source Connector - Audio Connector No Audio Line
Destination Audio - Destination Audio Connector No Audio Line
configId 6Db2A_lvEbTtfMHSHLJBtJYH
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