Retro Access Super Nintendo composite video synced RGB SCART SNES cable

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This cable uses composite video as sync and is recommended for NES RGB upgrades with a multiout plug (if you don't know the sync method used) and for SNES Mini RGB upgrades with no connected csync. It does not work with a PAL SNES, or an NTSC Gamecube. 

This cable is recommended if you want an "all in one" version that works on everything, or if you don't know how csync was wired/if it was wired in a Nintendo console mod. Select the multicore coax version for an identical visual experience to using a csync cable. Coax wire shields the signal enough to not produce video coupling effects (Crosshatching) when using composite video as sync.

There are two cable options in the “cable length/type” menu:

Fortraflex is a highly graded individually shielded, highly flexible cable made to order by Tasker of Italy for our company. All signal lines are individually shielded with pure copper strand wrap to eliminate crosstalk-induced artifacts. The outer casing is a soft and flexible polymer used commonly in professional microphone cables or high end wired game controllers (eg: official SNES controllers) to allow for increased mobility.

75 ohm multicore coax cable is a professional grade cable that maintains an impedance of 75 ohms to completely prevent signal reflection. This is the highest possible grade of cable possible for video signals, and we’re the only company in the world offering this as an option for SCART. Each line is individually shielded with copper wrap as well as having the grounds isolated from other signals via color coded PVC coating. This cable is also made to order for us by Tasker of Italy. Coaxial cable is thick, but it's the best option if you need a longer cable. 

The cable contains 220uf Nichicon or Panasonic capacitors on the RGB lines. These are mounted on a PCB inside the SCART hood.

For a csync version if required (recommended for fat SNES/SFC please check my other products.
For a luma as sync version (recommended for RGB N64s without csync) please check other products.

This cable is fully compatible with the following Nintendo systems:

Super Nintendo US version (fat,not SNES mini)
Super Famicom (fat, not SFC Jr.)
RGB capable SNES Mini/SFC Jr. (Needs RGB upgrade)
RGB capable N64 (needs RGB upgrade)