Retro Access PAL version RGB SCART lead SHIELDED GROUNDED cable cord SNES

Retro Console Accessories


This cable is fully compatible with the following Nintendo systems:

Super Nintendo European version (PAL)

Uses Luma to sync the image. This is fully compatible with all PAL TVs and scalers and also lacks image artifacting associated with composite video sync on the PAL SNES.

If you purchase this item and you are not in a PAL country I will message you. To avoid the potential delay to mailing that messaging can result in, if you are absolutely positive you need a cable for a PAL SNES, not an NTSC SNES, despite being in North, South America or certain other locales please "leave a message to seller" to clarify this when going through checkout.

Not compatible with the US SNES or SFC so be careful! NTSC snes consoles need an ntsc cable with SCART (or Japanese if required) wiring. Also incompatible with RGB upgraded N64, NES, SNES mini. This is for PAL editions of the SNES only. PAL does not mean Euro SCART wiring - it is the name of the TV standard used in Europe. This is still a SCART cable but it is wired for PAL SNES not NTSC versions. Outputs on a PAL (ie. sold in Europe) SNES differ electronically from an NTSC SNES so an NTSC SNES, RGB N64, Super Famicom or RGB SNES Mini need a Euro SCART or Japanese 21 pin RGB cable specially wired for NTSC consoles. Please click the link at the top of this listing. If you buy this cable in an NTSC territory I will mail you about it which can delay shipment so please purchase the correct cable.

This is also wired with both voltage lines to instruct European SCART TVs to switch to 4:3. Not all TVs have this feature but it comes in handy when they do.