Retro Access NES/Famicom 8 pin din JP-21 Japanese 21 pin XRGB cable lead for NES RGB

Retro Access


This cable is provided for NES consoles upgraded to RGB using viletim's NES RGB board, or anything else with the same pinout such as the Atari 2600 board or Game Gear RGB mods. For clarification, it uses a pinout identical to the XRGB Mini 8 pin socket which is how the NES RGB is wired.

This cable is fitted with a plug that uses the JP-21 pinout for direct connection to XRGB  devices.

Contains no components, in keeping with such mods. If you are installing the mod yourself, please use the 75 ohm csync mode.

As you may know, the NES RGB is prone to sound output interference (this is more common with 8 bit consoles due to large areas of the screen being filled with bright, solid colors) so this has isolated audio via a 3.5mm plug. To keep things neat and tidy, all coax versions have the audio connected at the DIN end, which works fine through a coax cable.
 WILL NOT WORK on a NES that has not been upgraded to RGB via the specific board with the 8 pin mini din socket.