TTL>75 ohm attenuator for BNC connections

Retro Access

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This is an attenuator for use on the outputs of Extrons with ADSP or any other BNC type with TTL sync.

This is made with a 75 ohm Amphenol female BNC to 75 ohm male Rean BNC with 75 ohm mini coax.

This cable contains a 470 ohm resistor and it simply adds this resistance to your TTL output to give you safe 75 ohm sync for TV tech.

Allows you to adapt a cable with no attenuation. If you already have a 470ohm resistor in your BNC cable you don’t need this, but it also means you can use this as a dual purpose cable for example, if you are using a BNC to Framemeister cable on both an extron and a device that isn’t amplifying sync voltage, you only need one BNC to Framemeister cable with no resistor, plus this adaptor.

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