TTL>75 ohm attenuator for BNC connections

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Please note: if you purchase this item with a BNC to Framemeister cable and you want attenuation in both the Framemeister cable and the optional attenuator (ie you are not using the attenuator ON the Framemeister cable, but on something else), please specify this before checking out. I will mail everyone who buys such a combo in future unless instructions are given, so to avoid delays to orders please list exactly what you’re using these on when checking out as it can get complicated and we want to make sure everyone gets a cable that works in the setups they need these for. Doubling up attenuation resistors will result in loss of sync. You don’t need this cable if you purchase the BNC to Framemeister by itself and list something that needs attenuation like a Crosspoint when you check out - I will put a resistor in the main cable. This adaptor is offered for using the Framemeister or other BNC cables in multiple scenarios. It is intended for use on a Framemeister cable or other BNC to SCART that lacks an attenuation resistor.

This is an attenuator for use on the outputs of Extrons with ADSP or any other BNC type with TTL sync.

This is made with a 75 ohm Amphenol female BNC to 75 ohm male Rean BNC with 75 ohm mini coax.

This cable contains a 470 ohm resistor and it simply adds this resistance to your TTL output to give you safe 75 ohm sync for TV tech.

Allows you to adapt a cable with no attenuation. If you already have a 470ohm resistor in your BNC cable you don’t need this, but it also means you can use this as a dual purpose cable for example, if you are using a BNC to Framemeister cable on both an extron and a device that isn’t amplifying sync voltage, you only need one BNC to Framemeister cable with no resistor, plus this adaptor.

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