SCART (female) to 34 pin Sony CRT KX-1901A / KX-2501A / KV-20XBR / KV-25XBR / KX-27PS1

retro Access

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This is a passive adaptor which allows you to use European wired SCART cables on a variety of Japanese produced CRTs with a 34 pin RGB socket. Apparently these TVs are not only made by Sony, one of our customers found the socket on another brand and it worked with the same pinout. This may well have been a standard in Japan at some point, but some of these CRTs were commercially sold in the USA with the socket intact.

We have made a few of these in the past using an adaptor taken from a Sony PC-701 RGB converter intended to use computers on these CRTs. This version includes a 3D printed plug that is more or less a copy of this connector, as we do not have the TV to test on hence the exact dimensions are taken from the official Sony version. We use an adaptor into a PVM to test this cabling. Also, like the Sony cable, this adaptor uses proper coaxial wire. We made it long to fit behind this big CRT.

Please note this adaptor is for SCART cables. You must purchase SCART, not Japanese 21 pin cables for use with this, or you may damage your equipment.

We can make a version of this that is compatible with KV-1311CR but this requires the addition of a USB cable, please arrange this via email instead of buying off this listing.