*MALE* XRGB Mini powered sync stripper Male SCART for switch box>XRGB Mini

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This is a solution for our customers with XRGB Mini who were having difficulty getting North American systems running on the upscaler.

The item contains a sync stripper to fix your video or sync signal in the SCART cable. This prevents the picture dropouts previously experienced with XRGB Mini. This works because the sync stripper has a stable output vs the sync signals put out by some consoles which can cause dropouts and glitches on the screen.

Cable is attenuated to 75 ohm sync (within the SCART.)

This version of the adaptor features a cord to take power from the xrgb's power supply. Simply plug the socket on the cable into the plug on the power supply, and the plug into your xrgb mini. Both the adaptor and the Xrgb mini will then run perfectly on the power supply.

This is the MALE SCART version of the adaptor, for use with SCART switch boxes or other chained devices that you may wish to use between your console and the XRGB mini.

Please note this adaptor is for SCART cables. You must purchase SCART, not Japanese 21 pin cables for use with this, or you may damage your equipment. For a 21 pin version of this adaptor and cable solutions, please check our other listings in our store.