Optional metal plated MALE plug for MULTICORE COAX ONLY - SCART or JP-21

Retro Access

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Purchase one for every coax cable in your order, or two for SCART to SCART type cables. If you only need it on some and not others, please fill out the notes field when you check out.

This plug can not be added to female connectors, it is a male plug only.

This is an optional metal plated plug for coax versions only. Please do not purchase for regular shielded versions, the screw cap is way too big to fit on those. If you purchase this item it will be installed on your cable instead of the black plastic plug usually supplied.

Adds an extra layer of RF shielding to exposed soldered connections in the SCART. Outer metal plating is connected to ground. IMO it's not strictly necessary and is overkill on top of the heavy copper shielding in coax, but some people liked the plug in the past so we are offering it here as an option.

This plug is subject to availability - our supplier never keeps enough in stock to put on every coax we sell so we can't guarantee it will always be available. If we put them on every coax, we inevitably run out at some point. This is why we have decided to make it an option.