15 pin RGBS (VGA type plug) and 3.5mm audio to SCART

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Listing is for a 15 pin RGBS cable with seperated 3.5mm audio going into the SCART plug. This is not a VGA cable. It is intended for use on switchboxes with an RGBS (15 pin dsub) output.

The signal in this cable travels from DB15 *to* SCART - not the opposite way. It won’t work for a SCART output to RGBS dsub input! Because many SCART outputting devices don’t output csync, but composite video/whatever they are fed in the case of cheaper switchboxes, a SCART to RGBS cable is potentially more complex ie. requires a sync stripper unless your switch box has one built in. This is just a simple cable that is passthrough apart from one resistor on csync to lower TTL voltage as outputted by the RGBS standard. It will not work in the other direction.

Put simply, the SCART standard does not always mean RGBS. It can *carry* RGBS (with 75 ohm sync so not quite the same spec), or it can carry the same RGB signals with composite video as the sync line, but usually RGBS refers to RGB+TTL sync in a 15 pin dsub plug or BNCs. To make this work properly with SCART inputs, a resistor is used on csync. 

If you require a simple passthrough cable that works in the other direction ie SCART to 15 pin RGBS, just make a note when checking out. Some solutions however, require a sync stripper. Some solutions might also require TTL sync so a passthrough cable will not work. Check your manual for the device, as you’re looking for a sync range compatibility starting from around 0.3v to work with a SCART to RGBS cable.