Sony Playstation RGB SCART lead csync PS1 PS2 GROUNDED cable cord lead

Retro Console Accessories

Estimated dispatch from mid May-July

Color of cable is black.

Sync stripper is in the console end plug, attenuated with 470 ohm resistor.

Note that this does not improve the signal over the luma option. This is simply provided for people who need a csync cable. If your device doesn’t need csync, my advice is to use the Luma version of the cable as sync strippers are not an optimal way to pull sync from the video source and therefore they principally exist for those who use a device that otherwise has issues/is incompatible. If you are unsure whether your device works with a non csync source for sync: note that if it has a Scart socket or is sold with a Scart adaptor (ie, Framemeister) it will accept a video source (composite video, Luma) as sync with no trouble. As will many PVMs through a simple Scart passthrough adaptor.

Up for sale is a stereo RGB SCART cable for any region of the Playstation 1, 2 or 3. Uses csync to sync the image via a sync stripper (LM1881). Pulls csync from the luma signal. 

This cable is compatible with the following Sony systems:


May also eliminate visual artifacts caused by using composite as sync, please ask us for advice if you are experiencing this issue.