Upgrade any SCART or Xrgb cable to coaxial pro cabling Saturn Genesis SNES etc

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Now made with black 75 ohm impedance rated rgb coax cable from Italy.

This is not a standalone item! It exists as an upgrade to purchase in addition to our regular cables. If you put this in your cart, you need to also put a regular shielded cable (cheapest option) in your cart with it. However, this is not the ideal process to purchase this, because we ALSO have pull down menus on every SCART and JP-21 cable product which allows you to select a coax version of the cable as well as changing the length if required (up to 10ft.) You do not have to purchase this item in addition to coax versions of cables. Those are already coax. This item still exists purely so people can return recently bought regular shielded cables and buy the upgrade by itself, or so they can add the coax option after buying regular shielded versions and changing their mind later.

For example, here is the 5ft coax variant of the snes cable (can be bought standalone.)

Pro Coaxial Multicore 5ft version


I am leaving the upgrade as an option on this site for a while but it is no longer necessary to purchase seperately in addition to our other items. We had it up on eBay, because eBay does not have selectable options in the gaming category. However, this store does - so no need to purchase an upgrade plus another cable! Just select the multicore coax version from the pull down menus on any of our listings within this site.

Up for sale is an upgrade for purchase in addition to any of our cables. We will make your cable from professional multicore coaxial cabling. Ideal for use in potentially lossy set ups like a switch box or systems vulnerable to audio noise (ie. Nes consoles upgraded to rgb.)

ALL audio and video lines are individually shielded with copper wrapped wire.