Analogue NT Mini to SCART cable

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Please note that because *most* Analogue NT minis lack a +5v line on the RGB output, this cable is incompatible with some SCART TVs which require positive voltage to be present to force RGB mode.

It is also incompatible with cheap generic scalers with "SCART to HDMI" printed on the top in white. It is compatible with XRGB mini, SCART to YUV (Component video) transcoders, SCART to VGA scalers, any PVM or BVM monitor. 

The following paragraph only applies to European SCART TVs. The cable will work on all American RGB solutions bar cheap SCART to HDMI boxes, and it will work on those if your NT mini is the new revision with pin 9 connected to positive voltage.

Recent developments surfaced that the NT Mini is now made with pin 9 in the Dsub connected to +5v via a 180 ohm resistor in the console. This drops the voltage down to the level required to switch SCART TVs to RGB via pin 16, however pin 8 (aspect ratio switching) also needs to be connected on some TVs and needs a voltage of 5-12 volts. (5-9v for 16:9, 9.5-12v for 4:3). Unfortunately because of the presence of this resistor in the console the voltage for aspect ratio cannot be achieved without a step up transformer. We are not currently supplying this in-cable. Please ascertain your equipment is compatible before purchasing. You can ascertain whether your European SCART TV requires the aspect ratio line to be connected by taking a cheap SCART cable and disconnecting pin 8. If a resistor is present between pin 8 and 16, you need to disconnect this resistor from pin 8 but still have the wire that goes to pin 8 connected to it. 

Please also note that coax variants of this cable are now more expensive due to professional grade RCA plugs being used on the cable.