Genesis 2 32X/CDX RGB SCART cable csync and RCA audio lead

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Please note that this cable does not send audio to the SCART, it has seperated RCA audio wired at the console end plug.

Tested and working on an XRGB Mini (requires SCART to XRGB Mini adaptor), a SCART to YUV transcoder on a CRT TV, a Coosis SCART to HDMI scaler and a GBS 8200 arcade board. Also tested on a PVM monitor using the SCART to BNC adaptors sold by wookieewin.

Up for sale is a brand new, professionally assembled SCART RGB cable. It will automatically switch your TV into the highest possible quality signal from your system - RGB with sound sent to both speaker channels. It also includes 220uf capacitors and resistors to prevent your image from displaying too brightly. The resistors are in the din plug.

This is the csync version of the cable. We can confirm this gives a better image with no jailbars. Contains a 470ohm resistor and 220uf capacitor on the csync line.

This cable also features RCA audio out for use with SCART to YUV converters, or an audio setup of your choice. Please note that the audio does not go to the SCART. It is true isolated audio seperated at the console end plug, which gives the added benefit of no sound interference.

This cable is fully compatible with the following Sega systems.
Sega Megadrive 2 (UK or Japanese)
Sega Megadrive 2 European (PAL or SECAM)
Sega Genesis 2
This cable is NOT compatible with the Genesis/Megadrive 1 or Master System 1 OR 2, so be careful! For a Genesis 1 cable please visit our other listings.