PlayStation 1 and 2 Luma lightgun compatible BNC and audio cable Pro Coaxial Multicore for PVM monitor and Extron

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Works on PVM monitors, BVM and Extron Crosspoints.

Also uses 1000uf capacitors in the console AV plug - for use with Playstation 1 and 2. 220uf can be substituted (for PS1) or no capacitors at all (for PS2) - just ask.

Up for sale is a BNC and RCA cable for PlayStation 1 and 2. Red, green, blue and luma lines are BNC. Audio lines are RCA or Phoenix.

Tested via direct hookups to a PVM monitor as well as via an Extron switch box (4 switch version, with audio) via Auto and manual switching.

Capacitors are in the BNC hoods and multiout. The much higher cost of 4 BNC plugs vs one SCART and the time taken to fit capacitors in small hoods is reflected in the price.